Friday, July 9, 2010

Josh Todd: You Made Me (2003)

(As published in the Times of Acadiana ... )

Josh Todd
You Made Me
(Todd Entertainment)

Josh Todd: You Made Me (Todd Entertainment)—“I saw your old lady in a porno mag,” sang Josh Todd on his former band Buckcherry’s first album, and although that was then and this is now, he’s still a sleazy tattooed heavy-metal howler off whose tongue formulations equivalent to “I saw your old lady in a porno mag” roll naturally. He’s a lot like Axl Rose that way. The reason his band isn’t much like Guns N’ Roses is that the guitarists Mike Hewitt and Jesse Logan are only a little like Slash, and none of the songs pack the punch of “Welcome to the Jungle” or “Civil War.” Which isn’t to say they’re not loud (they are), profane (ditto), razor sharp (riff-lovers’ heaven), or capable of having their nihilism neatly encapsulated by one-word titles (“Broken,” “Afraid,” “Shine,” “Blast,” “Burn,” “Slave,” “Wasted”). Rating: Two-and-a-half dough biddleys out of five.

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