Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gina G: Fresh! (1997)

(As published in Real Groove ... )

Gina G
(Eternal/Warner Bros.)

Discerning listeners may disagree over how many immaculately conceived disco-tech albums a music-weary world needs, but if they don't agree that the world needs the Clearasil-clean effervescence of Gina G's aptly titled Fresh! at least as much as the pock-marked grittiness of whatever sprouts up in the wake of Alanis Morissette, maybe they aren't so discerning after all. An inspired ripper-offer (of clothes as well as tunes--she wears nothing but chocolate on the front cover), G steals only from the best, i.e., Madonna. "Ti Amo" is to "La Isla Bonita" as "Every Time I Fall" is to "Live to Tell" as "Rhythm of My Life" is to "Where's the Party," and as long as the Real Thing persists in seeing trophy babies and Evita as acceptable substitutes for immaculately conceived disco-tech albums, more power to the Inspired Fake. As for G's weary-world-conquering "Ooh Aah ... Just a Little Bit" (when has a titular ellipsis ever spoken such volumes?) and its likely follow-up "Gimme Some Love" (when has a song beginning with "Gimme" ever not ruled?), their juicy, built-for-strobes synth riffs should delight liberteenyboppers of every significant demographic from now till August at least.

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