Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sammy Hagar: Ten 13 (2000)

(As published in the Times of Acadiana ... )

Sammy Hagar
Ten 13
(Cabo Wabo/Beyond)

If Van Halen had released this album two years ago instead of the Gary Cherone debacle that it did, Eddie, Alex, and Michael would still be ruling whatever’s left of the hard-rock roost instead of living down the fact that they preferred booting Hagar to exploiting his vulgar but thoroughly market-tested commercial knack. None of this album’s lyrics will convince anyone that it was Hagar and not David Lee Roth who was the real brains behind VH’s brawn. But all of it rocks. And almost every song sounds like the kind of thing that the band who sold us “Why Can’t This Be Love” could’ve taken to the top. Rating: Three-and-a-half monsters of rock out of five.

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