Friday, July 9, 2010

Dee Snider: Never Let the Bastards Wear You Down (2000)

(As published in the Times of Acadiana ... )

Dee Snider
Never Let the Bastards Wear You Down

Home-schoolers, classical-education advocates, and proponents of the Tridentine Mass, take note: this album’s otherwise nondescript cover displays the title in both English and Latin, possibly to imply that metal these days is a dead language, an implication further underscored by Snider’s rather defensive-sounding opening couplet, “We don’t care what people say / hardcore metal’s here to stay.” The music, however--as unapologetically unreconstructed a collection of overamped shout-alongs as you’ll find--suggests that there’s life after Twisted Sister after all, as does Snider’s surprisingly resilient voice. “Cry Me a Rainbow” may prove nothing more than that headbangers should avoid love ballads, but Snider’s version of Dion’s “The Wanderer” trailblazes at least as many irreverently revisionistic vistas as Britney Spears’ version of “Satisfaction.” Rating: Three Illegitimus Non Carborundum Est out of five.

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