Friday, July 2, 2010

Buster Poindexter: Buster's Spanish Rocket Ship (1998)

(As published in Offbeat ... )

Buster Poindexter
Buster's Spanish Rocket Ship

Those who consider David Johansen's Buster poindexter act a novelty might reconsider after getting run over by this piñata-busting party album. "Novelty"? Johansen has now been Poindexter for seven years longer than he was a New York Doll. And "act"? Forget it. He means it, man. Sure, some of the songs sound like production numbers in search of a musical, but what a musical! Outrageous characters, Manhattan reveries, Latino rock-and-roll, sin, salvation, rhythms by the dozen--there's something for everyone. By the time he exits singing "Feel like I could dance forever!" you do too.

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