Friday, July 2, 2010

Bill Kirchen: Hot Rod Lincoln--LIVE! (1998)

(As published in Offbeat ... )

Bill Kirchen
Hot Rod Lincoln--LIVE!

It's hard enough to think up reasons for listening to Commander Cody without having to think up reasons for listening to his ex-sidemen, but Bill Kirchen is not just any ex-sideman. For one thing, he picks songs ("Rockin' over China," "Sometimes I Think") as skillfully as he picks guitar. For another, he writes hot rockabilly boogies of his own ("Too Much Fun," "Swing Fever"). What he does best, though, is show off, especially on the title cut, which here becomes a revelatory History of Rock Guitar in Eight Minutes. Bo Diddley you might expect from a gray-haired roots guy. But the Sex Pistols?

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