Friday, June 25, 2010

Poison: Swallow This Live (1992)

(One of my many reviews that went unpublished in Rock & Roll Disc when the magazine ceased publication in 1992 ... )

Swallow This Live
Capitol CDP 98046-2
Total disc time: 59:39, 55:35 (no SPARS code listed)

Merit: **½
Sound: ***

This live double represents neither Poison's greatest hits (since it omits their greatest hit, "I Won't Forget You") nor their knack for radio-ready concision. Something called "Poor Boy Blues" meanders for eight minutes, while "Drum Solo" and "Guitar Solo" combine for a useless sixteen minutes more. That's twenty-four minutes during which listeners of taste can be forgiven for nodding off. And what will dozers miss besides Bret Michaels' continual announcements to the Florida hordes that their huzzahs are going to end up on a live album? Not much, although "So Tell Me Why," the best of the four studio add-ons, deserves inclusion on a best-of that does justice to the band's glam-metal fusion.

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