Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Wall Street

(To the tune of "On Broadway"--my contribution to the soundtracks of the Occupy Wall Street documentaries sure to be made...)

They say the kids are occupying
Wall Street.
They say there’s something magic in the air.
But if you dare to take a whiff,
you’ll smell more than someone’s spliff.
Less Smokey Joe’s Cafe and more like Hair.

They say the chicks are body pierced 
on Wall Street,
So chick magnets might want to stay away.
But if you really dig tattoos
and think the banks are run by Jews,
one of those chicks could really make your day. 

They say the kids won’t last too long
on Wall Street,
they’ll call it quits and move back with their folks
‘cause at least ninety-nine percent
cannot afford to pay the rent
on a place of their own and still buy smokes. 

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