Friday, June 25, 2010

Thompson Twins: Queer (1992)

(One of my many reviews that went unpublished in Rock & Roll Disc when the magazine ceased publication in 1992 ... )

Thompson Twins
Warner Bros. 26631-2
Total disc time: 48:03 (AAD)

Merit: ***½
Sound: ****

In 1984 they sounded ethereal. With "Hold Me Now" and "Doctor Doctor" making fans of radio listeners and MTV watchers on both sides of the Atlantic, the Twins successfully toured the continents in support of their multi-platinum Into the Gap, even sellin out the Hammersmith Odeon several nights in a row at one point. Meanwhile, Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie learned that eight-year-old success stories won't buy them another hit in an era of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately. So Queer's "Come Inside," included here in two versions, makes news by making the twelve-inch and club charts although the top forty continues to resist. Too bad, really, since "Flesh and Blood" and "The Saint" capture an iconographic sensuality that, properly promoted, usually sells. And at least half the others bubble along in a pleasnt, psychedelic haze.

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