Thursday, July 8, 2010

Newsboys to Tension: Six One-Line Reviews (2000)

(As published in the Times of Acadiana ... )

Newsboys, Love Liberty Disco (Sparrow). Like Sixpence and Jars of Clay, Newsboys are contemporary-Christians; unlike Sixpence and Jars, Newsboys are better than Sixpence and Jars.

Jim Roll, Lunette (New West). I dismissed this as a lousy Neil Young rip-off at first, but I was wrong--it’s actually a pretty good Neil Young rip-off.

Santana, Supernatural (Arista). Sometimes he jams like someone who claims that marijuana isn't a drug and that Our Lady of Guadeloupe once took him into her confidence; at other times, though, he can make you think the Grammy voters really know what they’re doing.

Shalamar, Greatest Hits (Solar/The Right Stuff). That only four of these seventeen songs broke top 40 pop shouldn't keep anyone interested in Jody Watley's and Howard Hewitt's roots from discovering why 12 of them went top 40 R&B.

The Johnny Staats Project, Wires and Wood (Giant). Bela Fleck you know, but did you know he had legatees good enough to make you wish you could pronounce their last names?

Tension, War Cry (Cargo/ Headhunter). New hardcore punk by old hardcore punks still capable of teaching Korn a thing or two about speed, profanity, and raging against the machine.

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